TGIF: Friday Funny

Here is an organized list of the TGIF: Friday Funny posts. It is organized by episodic order.

TGIF Friday Funny Origins – Story Time

2015 – Season 1

Episode 1: TGIFriday everyone!!!

Episode 2: Cartoon funny pictures

Episode 3: 3rd time the charm! Here is more funny stuff!

Episode 4: Super Arcade Ultra Edition

Episode 5: Memorial Day Weekend Special

Episode 6: 9+10=21

Episode 7: Effective Power *reset*

Episode 8: Dinosaur Edition… Clever Girl

Episode 9: Finals are over, but vacation has begun

Episode 10: not sure if pronounced gif or jif

Episode 11: Happy 4th of July weekend!

Episode 12: Holy Smokes Batman

Episode 13: Ant-sized weekend!

Episode 14: Only 1 to 175M chance that this post is funny

Episode 15: Revenge is a dish best serve cold

Episode 16: Believe it!

Episode 17: Everything must go!

Episode 18: The “S” word

Episode 19: This is Sparta!

Episode 20: More Spider-Man Pictures! Labor Day Weekend!

Episode 21: 50% Disney + 50% Square Enix = Kingdom Hearts

Episode 22: Goodbye Summer…

Episode 23: Sandwich-kun or Titans?

Episode 24: I’m Batman!

Episode 25: Happy Birthday Naruto! Never had a friend like you!

Episode 26: It’s Finally Friday

Episode 27: Welcome to Beacon Academy! Won’t cost an arm and a leg!

Episode 28: Happy Halloween!

Episode 29: November Already? Good Grief!

Episode 30: Anime is for Children!

Episode 31: The Girl on Fire!

Episode 32: Happy Belated-Thanksgiving!

Episode 33: Bah Humbug!

Episode 34: Twas the Night Before Christmas

Episode 35: May the Force be with You!

Episode 36: Merry Christmas!

Episode 37: Happy New Years! (season finale)

2016 – Season 2

Episode 38: TGIFriday 2.0!

Episode 39: I Have a Dream

Episode 40: Smells like bad spirits!

Episode 41: I Love Kung-Fu!!!

Episode 42: It’s (Not) Super Bowl Time!

Episode 43: Happy Valentines Day Deadpool

Episode 44: Down, Down-Right, Right and Punch!

Episode 45: Anime Month

Episode 46: Pokemon 20th Anniversary!

Episode 47: Tenohira ga Kataruko

Episode 48: Happy (belated) Saint Patrick’s Day

Episode 49: Birthday v Easter – Happy Birthday

Episode 50: Your Next Line is…TGIF!

Episode 51: 90s!

Episode 52: Welcome to the Jungle, Hunter!

Episode 53: Time to Duel!

Episode 54: Where is the Dubstep?

Episode 55: Birthday v Mother’s Day – Civil War

Episode 56: Hello Nurse!

Episode 57: This means war!

Episode 58: Happy Memorial Day Apocalypse!

Episode 59: Cowabunga!

Episode 60: Happy Birthday Ezra!!

Episode 61: New Game+

Episode 62: New Chapter

Episode 63: A Sparking Weekend!

Episode 64: Go!!!

Episode 65: Who you gonna call? One-Punch Man!

Episode (Order) 66: Golden Issue + Knuckles

Episode 67: Stay in School

Episode 68: We’re all Mad!

Episode 69: This one is a Wanderer, that he is @_@x

Episode 70: Long Live the King!

Episode 71: My Girl!

Episode 72: Pawn Shop

Episode 73: A New Age of Change

Episode 74: Kon’nichiwa and Sayonara!

Episode 75: Standing up on my two feet

Episode 76: Fire vs Ice – The Great Debate

Episode 77: The First Leaf

Episode 78: Happy Birthday Big Sis!

Episode 79: October 21

Episode 80: Why so serious?

Episode 81: Happy Birthday Bro! A Strange Reality!!

Episode 82: Marvel v. DC – Who won in 2016?

Episode 83: New Game, Same Rules

Episode 84: Reclaim The Throne

Episode 85: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year! [announcement]

Episode 86: I want video games for Christmas!

Episode 87: Rebel or Assassin?

Episode 88: A Savior is born!

Episode 89: Reflections

2017 – Season 3

Episode 90: New Year! Newly Weds!!

Episode 91: Live by the Sword

Episode 92: May Your hearts be your guiding key

Episode 93: I Summon Mega Ultra Chicken!

Episode 94: Happy Anniversary!

Episode 95: Stronger, Edgy…Blocky?

Episode 96: Friday Funny 96: Proud to be American! We make History!!

Episode 97: March! March! March!

Episode 98: Switch out those old blades

Episode 99: You Can’t See Me!

Episode 100: Didney Worl

Episode 101: It’s Morphin Time!

Episode 102: Attack on Hackers

Episode 103: Colorful Change

Episode 104: A Good Friday!

Episode 105: Interstellar!

Episode 106: Need help laughing? I can fix that!

Episode 107: Hooked on a Feeling!

Episode 108: Happy Mother Goku Piccolo Day!

Episode 109: Welcome to Neverland!