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I want to thank Gamers UnitedGG Blog for tagging me for this video game tag. Unlike most tag posts, I will be sharing you my video game side. Besides watching anime and watching movies, I love to video games. Once you are done, go check out their blogs for more video game posts and nerd topics.


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  • What is your favorite video game genre (I.E. RPG, FPS, MMO, etc.).

I like video games such as action adventure series and with a great story. Games like Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts, Batman Arkham games are my type of games. I like games where I feel like I am hero and part of an epic story.

  • Which system do you prefer to game on?

Currently Playstation 4. I like the Nintendo games and systems but I mostly play Playstation games. I am part Sony and Nintendo.

  • Who is your favorite video game character?

I think my favorite character would be Noctis Lucis Caelum from Final Fantasy XV. Noctis is an awesome main character with awesome abilities. He is also a cool chilled guy who also cares about his friends. I also respect him and sympathize him on his duties in the game.

  • Which game do you believe has the best plot?

I think the game with the best story would be the Batman Arkham games ( I haven’t played Origins). I enjoyed interacting with the characters, good and evil, and feeling like I am Batman.


  • What game gave the most hype but didn’t deliver?

Personally, the one game that got too much hype was Sonic the Hedgehog 2006. Back when the PS3 and Xbox 360 were barely released and when E3 released the trailer for Sonic 06, my friends in school were all excited to play the game. Unfortunately, once I got a PS3 and got this game, I was disappointed. The game was awful.

  • What game are you waiting for?

Currently, I am waiting for Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy VII Remake.

  • If you were taken to an island and  forced to only play 3 games, which 3 games would you choose?

The three games I would be willing to play would Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, Final Fantasy XV and Transformers: Devastation.

  • Which games do you feel have the best replay value,

I am already fanboy and everyone knows what I will say but I think Final Fantasy XV has the best replay value. The game has a huge open world environment and it has many missions and items ready to be explored. You can also fish for all kinds of fish or help Ignis collect recipes.

  • Name 1 Game that you think everyone should play?

I say either the Uncharted games, or Kingdom Hearts series. They both have a likeable main characters and the gameplay is pretty easy to follow.

  • What game did you grow up on?

I think I grew up playing the classic Super Mario Bros on the NES and Sonic the Hedgehog on the Sega Game Gear.

  • Which game would you like to see come back?

In my opinion, I feel like Jak and Daxter should come back. I really like Naughty Dog’s games and after hearing Crash Bandicoot coming back for this year, I was hyped. It stinks even after years, they are still making Ratchet and Clank games but Jack and Daxter games.

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Final Fantasy XV game review

After a decade of waiting, the long awaited Final Fantasy game Final Fantasy XV (previously called Final Fantasy Versus XIII) is finally released. With many promotional videos, anime, movie and apps and delays, Final Fantasy XV brings the fun and enjoyment for those who have waited for a long time. In this review, I will be discussing the gameplay, story and value and let you know if this game is worth buying. I won’t be spoiling the story here so don’t worry. Final Fantasy XV is owned by Square Enix and the game is available for PS4 and Xbox One.

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TGIF Friday Funny 93: I Summon Mega Ultra Chicken!


(The title is a joke from Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged)

Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome back for another episode of TGIF Friday Funny. In this post, I am here to bring laugh and joy and time to bring you some funny content and news! Today is the English Dub movie release of the classic anime and new movie Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Dark Side of Dimensions. This is the third Yu-Gi-Oh! movie and once again, the classic voice actors are back to play their roles.  If you are looking into watching a movie and don’t want to watch Monster Truck, check out this classic anime. Yu-Gi-Oh! is my favorite along with Pokemon.

Also happening this week is the official release to Kingdom Hearts HD II.8 Final Prologue Chapter. In this game, KH II.8 collects three games in which connects and leads to upcoming game Kingdom Hearts III. Square Enix also released a free DLC for players who have World of Final Fantasy. Players will receive the chibi version of Sora as a partner. But there’s more, if you are like me and don’t have the games but you have Final Fantasy XV, Square Enix recently released an update where players who downloaded the free Festive Pack will be able to participate in the Moogle Chocobo Carnival! Players can minigames, obtain outfit like clothing, and exclusive frames and also take pictures without Prompto needed. It’s super fun! Hurry because it’s not permanent. Square also released more DLC such as car decals like 16-bit characters and a Cindy themed decal for the Regalia. They also released weapons from past FF titles to help Noctis fight such as Lightning’s signature weapons from Final Fantasy XIII.

This week has been filled with Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts ad Yu-Gi-Oh lately! Don’t forget to check out the OWLS blog tours from members like Naja, Pink, and Takuto. With this said, let’s have some fun!

Moogle: Kupo!

Chocobo: Kweh!































Here are some gameplay of myself in Final Fantasy XV Moogle Chocobo Carnival. There are of these videos at my channel.

Here are some Yu-Gi-Oh! songs to bring in the nostalgia.

Goodbye my fellow duelists!


Unboxing – Final Fantasy XV Deluxe Edition (late post!)

This is a special unboxing post of the video game I preordered Final Fantasy XV Deluxe Edition for the PS4. This was originally planned for the official release, November 29, 2016, but things got too busy at that time. So this may be late but I will be showing you what the Deluxe Editon has and what it looks like compared to the standard version. This game is also available for Xbox One.

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TGIF Friday Funny 84: Reclaim the Throne


Thank God it’s Friday! Hello everyone and happy Friday. This is Matthew and even though Thanksgiving was Thursday, I wish to say Happy Thanksgiving. I hope everyone had a wonderful day and got to spend time with their love ones. This is one of those times where you can eat as much food you want without worrying about eating too much or getting fat XD. This is an important holiday in the United States because we remember what are we thankful for and acknowledge what is important. In my Christian beliefs, we thank God for providing a home to live and thank for the blessings God has given us. I will say that I am thankful for my family providing me and helping me through life, I am thankful for God who never left me and always kept me safe, and finally, I am thankful for all my friends who didn’t leave me and supported me. Thank you everyone!

Judging by this title and this meme I made recently, you can tell what’s happening this next week. After this weekend, the long awaited Square Enix game Final Fantasy XV will be released globally on November 29. This game is available for PS4 and Xbox One. In this game, players will play as the Noctis and with his friends, they must save his kingdom from the enemy forces of Niflheim. To increase this hype, check out my related posts. Check out my review on the Platinum Demo or the anime prequel Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV. Also, check out my gameplay of the Platinum Demo if you are interested:

If you are not planing to get this game because you’re spending time with Pokemon Sun and Moon or just not into this, I got better news. Anime sites like Rightstuf, Amazon and Sentai Filmworks are slashing down prices on their select anime titles for the holiday season. If you plan to shop for anime DVDs for Black Friday, Cyber Monday or just the whole month of December, check these places and spend on some anime goods!

Last but not least, another Shonen Jump titles ended this week. The action-adventure food series Toriko is over. This year is the end of another Shonen Jump titles. Nisekoi ended, Bleach is done and now Toriko is over. Don’t forget to buy the manga and experience the action of fighting animals and eating food.

With all this said, let’s being this tasty post!










































To start off this weekend, here are some music played by different artists who sings the song “Stand By Me”.

Here is the opening song to Toriko. Thanks for all the fun!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Square Enix News: Final Fantasy XV! Kingdom Hearts!!

I am late to write this news but here is what I collected for gamers!

Final Fantasy XV

Released on Thursday, Square Enix streamed a new trailer of Final Fantasy XV titled “Final Fantasy XV -Omen Trailer”. I won’t spoil the trailer but it appears that a dark future is approaching for the protagonist, Noctis Lucis Caelum. The trailer was worked by the same studios who did the film Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV.

Game director Hajime Tabata also announced more news on regards to DLC plans and including the brand new news, online cooperative multiplayer. In cooperative multiplayer, players can team up and choose to play either Noctis, Ignis, Prompto, or Ignis. In DLC, Tabata mentions that the DLC will be episodes were players can play as Noctis’ friends.

Once again, the game will be released on November 29 for PS4 and Xbox One.

Kingdom Hearts

There is not one but 4 special news regarding to Kingdom Hearts!

1. Square Enix recently announced that they will be re-releasing a new collection game that will collect both Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5. The new game collection is called Kingdom Hearts HD I.5 + II.5 ReMIX. The game will be available for PS4 and it will collect the previous 6 Kingdom Hearts games in one disc.

Here is what I.5 will have:

  • Kingdom Hearts Final Mix (an updated version of the original Kingdom Hearts game)
  • Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories (a 3D remake of Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories)
  • HD remastered versions of the cinematics from Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days

II.5 will have:

  • Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix (an updated version of Kingdom Hearts II)
  • Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix (an updated version of Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep)
  • HD remastered versions of the cinematics from Kingdom Hearts Re:coded

The new collection will NOT have HD 2.8. Kingdom Hearts HD I.5 + II.5 ReMIX will be available to purchase on March 28, 2017 in North America; March 9th in Japan, and March 31th in Europe.

2. Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth by Sleep – A Fragmentary Passage

Shared on YouTube, Square Enix revealed the recent trailer of an intro video of Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth by Sleep – A Fragmentary Passage. 0.2: Birth by Sleep is one of the new playable games for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue. This new game takes place after the events of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep and it connects to Kingdom Hearts III. The story is about Aqua and her life being trapped in the Realm of Darkness. The trailer reveals the return of veteran singer Utada Hikaru with a new remix song of Simple and Clean. The song is called “Simple and Clean – Ray of Hope MIX”.

3. Kingdom Hearts III

After for being quiet for a long time, Square Enix shared some pictures on Tweeter of new screenshots of the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III. Based on the images, Sora will be fighting the Heartless what appears to be Mount Olympus from the movie Hercules. Also appearing on the images s the return of the Drive Forms. If you don’t know what it is, Drive Forms is a special ability where Sora can increase his powers and change his clothes by borrowing powers from his friends. Based on the screenshots, Sora will be able to transform his keyblade into a shield and probably what appears to be a hammer.

4.World of Final Fantasy DLC

Recently, Square Enix released the new spinoff game World of Final Fantasy. In this new game, players will explore the world of Final Fantasy in a “cutesy and adventurous world”. The game will allow players to team up with Final Fanatsy characters in their chibi form.

With all the news going on with Kingdom Hearts, SE announced that Sora from Kingdom Hearts will be joining World of Final Fantasy for free this winter. It’s also a limited time, so please hurry if you want to download Sora. Sora will be in his Dream Drop Distance appearance as well. This new game is available for PS4 and PS Vita.


ffxv coffee

Gaming News: Final Fantasy XV Delayed for November

Already confirmed online today and rumored yesterday in my Twitter Feed, Square Enix confirmed that the upcoming video game Final Fantasy XV will be delayed. The game will be released on November 29, instead of September 30. Game directer Hajime Tabata, in a video he posted, states that the game needed more time to allow players to play the game in the highest quality. He states that the Master Version is finished but he and his want wants to create a Day-One Patch and in order to play without issues, they need more time. He states also that he is hoping to bring in more DLC and patches to the game.

What do you guys think about this news?

Personally, at first I was disappointed because we had to wait again until the game gets released. However, on the positive notes, this will allow people to have more time to preorder the game. This will also how the creators to deal with glitches or any other issues dealing with the game. A delayed game is better than a rushed game.

In past news, Final Fantasy XV is already planned for DLCs such as a season pass and a Premium Digital Edition. The Premium Digital Edition will include a digital copy of the game and the DLC for $89.99. The regular season pass is about $25 and it will include special episodes of the characters like Prompto, Ignis, and Gladiolus.

August 19th is also the film release of Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV.

ffxv money

Video Game news: Final Fantasy XV DLC and Season Pass revealed

With only about month left for September, Final Fantasy fans are waiting for the most anticipated game Final Fantasy XV (formerly called Final Fantasy XIII Versus) to be released for September. According to my Twitter feed and ANN, Square Enix has revealed more goods to extend the play value of the game.

Announced on Thursday, the Square Enix website announced for DLC plans for Final Fantasy XV for PS4 and Xbox One. They will be DLCs and Season Passes for the new game. There will be 6 DLC packs:

  • Booster Pack: Gives players better weapons on game start.
  • Episode Gladiolus: A new story with Gladiolus as the focus. Gladiolus is a playable character in this story.
  • Episode Holiday Pack: Extra items on game start.
  • Episode Ignis: A new story with Ignis as the focus. Ignis is a playable character in this story.
  • Episode Prompto: A new story with Prompto as the focus. Prompto is a playable character in this story.
  • Expansion Pack: An expansion that offers a “completely new Final Fantasy XV.”

The season pass will give players all the above DLC and Square Enix will release a “Digital Premium Edition” which will include a digital copy of the game AND the season pass. Here is the prices:

Season Pass: US$24

Digital Premium Edition: US$84.99

In addition, players who preorder the season pass or premium  edition will be awarded with exlcusive weapons and bonuses depending on which game platform you get it:



  • Weapon: Masamune (FFXV)
  • Angler Set (item)
  • Camera Kit (item)
  • Regalia recolour: Platinum Leviathan
  • Regalia recolour: 16-Bit Buddies

Xbox One:


  • Xbox Avatar – Noctis male costume
  • Xbox Avatar – Noctis female costume
  • Xbox Avatar – Carbuncle pet prop



  • Final Fantasy XV – Big Bang Theme
  • Final Fantasy XV Digital Mini Sound Track
  • Final Fantasy XV – Digital Premium Edition Original Theme (Working Title)


Even though this not part of this season pass news, quick reminder that on August 19, the feature length CG film Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV will be playing in select theaters in Japan and in North America. If people pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition or Collector’s Edition of Final Fantasy XV, players will be awarded with a Blu-Ray copy of the film. The film will also be in English Dub.




FFXV demomaxresdefault

Platinum Demo – Final Fantasy XV Review

PSN Description:

PLATINUM DEMO — FINAL FANTASY XV whisks players away to a fragmented dreamscape, introducing an original story with a few unique twists. Join young Noctis and his magical guide as you explore the fantastical world of his dreams.

Square Enix recently released a demo of the upcoming video game and long awaited series Final Fantasy XV. The demo is available for PS4 and Xbox One. Unlike the previous demo, Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae, which was included in the Day One edition of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, The company of SE released a new demo that focuses on the different aspects of Final Fantasy XV. I recently played this demo last Saturday and I am impressed on how the graphics and gameplay that was done in this game. I will do my best to cover the points of the game. This is just a demo and the official and final version of the game will be on September 30 of this year.


The story for this demo begins with a young Noctis waking up in the middle of a forest and encountering a Carbuncle. This blue pet communicates to Noctis with a cell phone and leaves messages that guides the player through the surroundings; it also makes squeaky noises. As you follow the Carbuncle, it will guide the player through many worlds which is explained as “dream sequences”. Without going into details, you are in a dream and the Carbuncle is a guide to the player (or Noctis). Besides as a guide, Carbuncle also seems to understand the young boy Noctis and reveals the thoughts and feelings as you progress in the game. This may hint on what will happen in the full game.

Visually/Gaming Graphics

Like in every Final Fantasy game, Square Enix (personally) does an excellent job on the art and visuals of the game scenery and characters. For this Demo, I felt that this game was focused on how will the background and time will appear on the final version. While playing in the game, I came across these mysterious floor panels (sorry I don’t have a picture to show). If you step on them, the game will tell you that the weather or time has changed. You could change the setting and you can play the game in the morning or in a rainy day. Overall, I think the weather function is amazing and it looks like Square took the time to make the world look real as possible.


Unlike the previous Final Fantasy games where players relied on turn-based actions or like FFXIII paradigms, Final Fantasy XV will focus on action combat similar to the game Kingdom Hearts. You first get the feel of action as the young Noctis as he fights monsters named Nightmares. You use either a squeaky toy sword which makes fast attacks and there is a squeaky toy hammer where it deals with the heavy but slow attacks. Noctis will also gain toys that give him magic abilities like “firework” which is actually the magic attack “fire”. When you do become the adult version, you gain the ability to teleport ability in which players can teleport to the environment by throwing swords (almost like Minato from Naruto :P).


I had a fun time playing with the combat. It really did feel like it was trying to be like Kingdom Hearts. The game enabled the player to move freely anywhere and the button function is identical to KH. For example, this is only for the PS4 but when you press the X button, Noctis jumps, the circle button is to attack, square blocks attack or roll away. This is a new experience for this Final Fantasy game and I am really like this. I will admit however, I feel like the attack controls can be clunky. There are times where I get caught up fighting and get less time on defending and I get hurt.


Even though this is just a demo, I am astonished on how far Square Enix went to construct a game like this. I can’t wait until the final version is complete and hopefully improve some stuff like combat. The background is amazing and the combat is something to get used to but since I played Kingdom Hearts, I will definitely have fun with it. As an added bonus, players who complete the Platinum Demo will be rewarded with a Carbuncle and they can name it whatever they want to be. Have you played the demo? If so, what did you think of it? Do you plan on buying Final Fantasy XV? Comment down below for thoughts and opinions. Final Fantasy XV will be released for PS4 and Xbox One on September 30th.