Friday Funny 148: Go kitty cat go!


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome back to Friday Funny. I hope everyone is doing okay. I hope everyone also had a good Valentines Day. I am happy to see couples be happy together and even though I am still single, I wasn’t sad to see myself lonely. Anyway, in this post I want to talk about a movie is already out and it’s already getting great reviews. As a way to start 2018, Marvel will be premiering the MCU movie The Black Panther. The Black Panther is a Marvel superhero that is well-known in the comic books in the Avengers, his interaction with the Fantastic Four and according to Shay from Anime Reviewer Girl, the Black Panther is the husband to the X-Men mutant Storm. In this movie, we get to see T’Challa rule over Wakanda after the death of his father. T’Challa is the king of Wakanda and he is geared up with powerful technology like vibranium and his Black Panther suit. With all this gear, he must fight to protect his country from enemies that wants to take his throne. In a nutshell who he is, think of him as Batman; a guy in a black suit inspired by animal and has tons of money and technology, and the death of his father resembles something from Lion King. If you didn’t know, the Black Panther made his movie appearance in the movie Captain America: Civil War along with the debut of Spider-Man. The Black Panther will take place after Civil War and before the Avengers: Infinity War. As usual, if you plan to watch the movie, stay after the credits!!!

Also, I hope you guys saw the trailer for the Incredibles 2. The characters are back and we have the father, Bob Parr, staying home and taking care of the kids while the wife is able to be a superhero.

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Anyway, enough talk and more laughing!

Here are videos for you cat lovers or non-cat lovers!

That’s all everyone. Go back and enjoy your cat videos. Have purr-fect Friday!


Friday Funny 147: Let the games begin!


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome back to another exciting episode of Friday Funny. In this new episode, I am here to bring you some good humor and help start the weekend. How is everyone doing? Did you see the Super Bowl this past Sunday. There were so many interesting movie trailers and funny commercials. In movies, we got to see teaser trailers of movies such as Solo, Avengers: Infinity War and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. In the football game however, the Patriots lost! The winner was the Philadelphia Eagles! I am a Raiders fan, but I wanted the Patriots to lose and seeing them lose made me happy. Seriously, am I the only one that I felt like the sports commentators favoring the Patriots more than the Eagles? The Eagles were doing good but one of the commentators keep saying stuff like a touchdown doesn’t count!!! Besides that, as we move on from football, get ready for another sports event: The 2018 Winter Olympic Games in South Korea! If you plan to watch the series, make sure you support your teams out there! May the best man and woman win!

With all said, let’s start this Friday!

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To end this post, here are fun videos!

(I skipped the 2014 intro because it is too short. Very disappointing.)

 (I try not abuse this song but I just had to do. Sorry!)

Who take the gold? Bye!

Friday Funny 146: Hate the game, not the player!


Thank God it’s Friday! Happy Friday everyone! This is Matthew and I am here to let you know that we have left January and already landed in February. This is the last month to have winter so enjoy as much you can until we get to March. Before we begin, I want to share with you some news and events coming up for February. Besides Valentines Day and the movie Black Panther, get ready for some sports events! This Sunday is the 52nd NFL Super Bowl. The teams the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles will be clashing each other and only one team will take home the title. Who will win? Will the Eagles win and finally beat the unstoppable Patriots or will the Patriots win another game like last year with a come back. To be honest, I am a Raiders fan but I want the Eagles to win. If you are not into sports like me, stay tuned for movie trailers and crazy commercials. Brace yourself for some new memes for halftime and commercials. For movies, I hear that they will be showing a trailer for the movie Solo: A Star Wars Story. Based on what I hear, this movie will talk about a young Han Solo and it will be a movie tied into the main story just like Rogue One.

Another sports event coming besides the Super Bowl is the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games. The Olympics will begin in February 9 through 25th. The Winter Olympics will take place in South Korea. If you are a fan of sports and want to see your team win, make sure you show support!

Last but not least in my life, I got video games. I got two new fighting games recently released in January. One is Dragon Ball FighterZ and the other is Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. Both are great fighting games and I happy to spend my money on them. I got another game but it’s a year old but I wanted it, I finally got NieR: Automata. This game really does remind me of Bayonetta because of the combat, but it also has a Final Fantasy feel. Also yes, I used the redemption code from the cup noodles and I got a costume DLC for Noctis!

With all this said, let’s get this Friday started!

Please stand up for the National Anthem:

To wrap things off, here is some half time music!

See ya later my friends!

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Friday Funny 144: Spaghetti is better on a Friday!


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome back to another silly Friday! I have some good news to share with you. I am over this cold and I am feeling like myself again! I hope everyone is doing okay as well, this cold that’s going around has been a real nasty one. To be honest, I don’t have much interesting going on except some recap for Final Fantasy XV. I already finished my review on the DLC episode, Episode Ignis. I am thinking about going back and doing spoiler reviews on the stories of the episodes. Besides that, Square Enix released some updated news that on March 6th, there is going to be an updated version of Final Fantasy XV called Royal Edition. If you haven’t bought FFXV, you can save up and buy Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition in physical copy for PS4 and X1 where it has the game with all the updates such as the Episodes DLC and expansion pack. If you already have the game, you can just download the Royal Edition separately. Also, get ready for a PC version where you can play the game on your PC for the latest updates and enhance graphics.

This is off topic but I am not sure if it’s true, but why are people eating tide pods?! It’s dangerous and you are consuming chemicals that can kill you! It’s dangerous like the cinnamon challenge!

Anyway, let’s begin already!

Instead of doing something silly as usual, I want to tell everyone what’s going on YouTube. It’s important to know this for otaku anitubers and other people starting channels. The YouTuber vlogger star Logan Paul caused some controversy in Japan after he filmed a dead suicide body in the woods. This cause great disgust for the followers and others and after the incident, he took down the video and made an apology video. Ever since this, people are complaining to YouTube that they need to punish Logan Paul and make YouTube more safe for kids. I don’t know for sure but I hear Logan Paul’s fans are mostly young adults that look up to him, probably in the teens. Instead of banning Logan Paul or listening to the people, YouTube decided to take action and make it harder for people to get money for their videos. In order to make money out your videos, YouTube decides that you need to have at least 1,000 followers. Since Logan Paul (and other well-known YouTubers) have about million followers, they are safe and they can still money. However, this is bad news for some channels or new people because this means they will not be making money unless they get enough followers. This is bad news for us anitubers since we want to make money for doing videos such as reviews, podcasts and discussions, but this also means that now we need more supporters to meet the quote. In short, now with this new rules in YouTube, it’s going to be a lot harder for small channels. To show support to the anime community, here are some channels you can follow and show support to help the community:


Mr. Zen Lopez

Shay Taree/Anime Reviewer Girl

Contains Anime


Anyway, these are some channels worth checking out. Let’s help out the community! Bye everyone!

Friday Funny 143: Sick Combos!


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome back to another TGIF episode. I hope everyone is doing okay since I guess there’s a cold going on in the first weeks of January. I got hit by this cold and it really drains me. I had to deal with stuffy and running noses, sinus pressure and chills. Still, I haven’t yet faced bedridden yet. At least the good thing about being sick it helps build my immune system and I will be stronger than ever.

Besides my sick life, I got some video game news to share. On January 16th, Capcom will be re-releasing Street Fighter V with the latest updates and DLC and the game will be called Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. According to Amazon, the game will include free DLC from previous season pass such as new characters like Sakura, Akuma or Sagat. The game will also bring arcade mode where players will fight six enemies and unlock illustrations in which players can view anytime. New V-triggers will be released and it allow much more combat for players. If you haven’t bought the original Street Fighter V game, you can buy this game instead for about $40. If you already have the original game, download the Arcade Edition in the PSN for free and you will get the free features.

With all this said, let’s start fight!

Here are some Street Fighter videos for your enjoyment!

If you guys plan to get this game, let me know what’s your opinion. I haven’t played a Street Fighter game since I played all the Alpha games and the very first Street Fighter 1 and 2. I would like to come back and play SF again. What I find interesting about the games is the characters and fight styles. I may not know the lore of story series but I do enjoy the fight mechanics and insane powers. If I do get this game, let’s have a fight on the PS4! I still find the live action movie cheesy good.

See you next episode spammers and pros!


Friday Funny 142: New Season for 25 cents


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome back to a new episode and season of TGIF Friday Funny! Before we start this episode, I got some new news for you. As we enter 2018, get ready for new stuff like video games and movies! Currently in January, we will be getting some new fighting games: Dragonball FighterZ, Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition and Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. In Dragonball FighterZ, Publisher Bandai Namco of Entertainment and Developer Arc Work Systems will be working together and create a new Dragonball fighting game. It won’t be like Budokai, Tenkaichi nor the Xenoverse and instead, the game will be played like the Guilty Gear series. The animation will be similar to the manga and anime and it will have characters from Z and Super along with a new character named Android 21. In Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, Capcom will re-release Street Fighter V but it will include free updated content such as DLC characters to the recent roster, an arcade mode where you can unlock illustrations and even new V-Triggers for fun combat. If you already have Street Fighter V, the Arcade Edition will be a free download so you don’t have to pay again. If you are like me and didn’t buy the game, you can buy the Arcade Edition instead and the price is about $35. Last but not least we have Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. In this game, players will be able to control their favorite heroes from FF1 to FF15 along with Type-0 and Tactics. The game will be in PS4 and the with the help of Team Ninja, the characters look amazing. Ever want to play as Noctis (FF15) and fight Sephiroth (FF7) or have Cloud (FF7) fight Kefka (FF6)? Now you can!

As random news, January 4th is the day where the Cartoon Network classic Ed, Edd’n Eddy debuted on TV. This is my cartoon growing up and it’s something I would watch everyday besides SpongeBob SquarePants. Ed, Edd’n Eddy first premiered in January 4th, 1999 and now that we are in 2018, this cartoon is 19 years old. The show starred three young boys who’s named both starts with Eds, who creates these devious scams in hopes of robbing kids in order to buy jawbreakers. We have the first Ed named Ed who is the dumbest but happy kid who has bad odor but with great strength; he also loves chickens and eats butter toast with gravy. He is voiced by Matt Hill who surprisingly did voices for anime characters such as Kira Yamoto in Gundam Seed Destiny and Bankotsu in Inuyasha and Mou Ten in Kingdom. Second Ed is Eddward but he nicknamed Double D because his name has two D’s. He is the smartest and clean freak kid who likes to stay organize and creates plans for the group. He wears a hat but no one knows why he wears it and the only people who seen his head is his own friends Ed and Eddy. Double D is voiced by Samuel Vincent who did many voices in cartoons and anime. In anime, he did Dexter from Hamtaro, Sidoh from Death Note, and just like Matt Hill, he was in Gundam Seed Destiny and he voiced Athrun Zala. Last but not least, we have Eddy. Eddy is the leader and the shortest of the group. He is the one comes up with the scams and he is the greediest kid. He constantly brags about having a cool and intimated brother and he wants to be the popular kid in the cul-de-sac. Eddy is voiced by Tony Sampson. He also did anime but unlike the previous two he didn’t do Gundam Seed Destiny and instead, he was in Mobile Suit Gundam Seed as Miguel Aiman and he voiced as Toya Kinomoto in Cardcaptor Sakura.

Sorry for this extensive information, but I love this show and I could go on but I need to start this episode. Here is something to laugh!

To conclude this post, here are some Canadian humor!

Life as many doors Ed boys! See you next time!


Friday Funny 141: 17 and 18


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome back to another episode of Friday Funny. This is the last episode for 2017 and we approach 2018. It’s been a hectic but exciting year for us but hopefully we all survived. Just thinking about what I have been doing in 2017, it is hasn’t been easy. I recently moved away from old town and into the mountains and I to adjust to mountain living. It’s been fun for my anime and cartoon viewing time. I was able to see the conclusion to Samurai Jack and Hey Arnold. I got to see interesting anime movies like Sword Art Online, One Piece, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon. I didn’t really make any plans for 2018 but if I did, I would say that I want to continue blogging as usual. I want to try and start my business with my blog, stay with the OWLS and hopefully get some spare to catch up on my readings.

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Let’s end the month with something funny.

To end this post, instead of something funny, I want to try and support the OWLS. If you guys didn’t know, I am part of the OWLS, Otaku Warriors for Liberty and Self-Respect. It’s been a year since I joined the team and I am happy to express my feelings for writing important topics and how we can learn from media and apply it to real life. It’s our goal to help change the future for the better for talking about social issues that needs to be addressed. Our goal is spread respect and confidence with the power of anime, manga, cartoons and other experiences. We do talk about specific topics in months. I remember our first topic was Disruptors in January and our last topic of this month is Warmth. To end this year, I am going to share some anime/cartoon openings in according to the months; specifically mine choices and others from the team (I go first lol). If you want to join the cause, you need Twitter and WordPress and it’s optional if you want to use YouTube!

January – Disruptors


February – Flight (Yuri on Ice)

Yuri on Ice

March – Sanctuary

Sword Art Online

April – Colors

Rosario + Vampire

May – Strength

Dragon Ball Z

June – Team

Soul Eater

July – Mirrors

Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV (fan made op)

August – Bloodlines

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

September – Treasure

Samurai Jack season 5

October – Dreamers

Death Note

November – Diplomacy

Tokyo Ghoul

December – Warmth

One Piece

That’s all! Goodbye 2017 and hello 2018! Happy New Years!

Friday Funny 140: He was born in a manger


Thank God it’s Friday! It is a good day today because after today, we have Christmas Eve on Sunday and Day on Saturday! It has been a busy month of the year for me and probably everyone else. I hope you guys are doing well and didn’t forget the true reason why we celebrate Christmas. Christmas is the day Jesus came down from Heaven to Earth so He can grow up and die and take away sins; 3 days later, he comes back and defeats death. Overall, we remember this important history and this is why we celebrate Christmas. The King of all kings was born in a manger in the city of Bethlehem.

I want to say that I blessed this month for many things I don’t deserve. I was able to work again for the season and earn money for gifts. With my hard work, I was able to buy many fun things for myself like anime and video games. Overall, I am just happy for this month. I want to thank you guys for reading my blog and supporting it.

Let’s start this happy season together:

To end this post, here are some cheerful songs (Instead of using Mariah Carey’s Christmas song, I will use something else. It’s been played out!)!

God bless you all and Merry Christmas

Friday Funny 139: The last meal for the Jedi


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome back to another episode of TGIF Friday Funny! I am host Matthew and I am here to bring you some silly memes for the season. Today I got some exciting news to tell you. Today is the official release for the movie Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. This movie takes place after the events of 2015 The Force Awakens and we get to see the return of the Jedi Master Luke Skywalker. Joining the movie we have Chewbacca, Fin, Poe, Leia (Carrie Fisher’s last act of being Leia), Kylo Ren and Phasma. I hope you are ready to see more space action. According to old news, the title of movies are supposed to connect. For example, Episode VII is The Force Awakens and Episode VIII is The Last Jedi. Currently this spells out “The Force Awakens The Last Jedi _____.” Episode VIX (9) is expected to be released in 2019. Also going on in news is the release of the last DLC episode for Final Fantasy XV; Episode Ignis. In this Episode, players who bought the Episode will be able to play as the cook and servant of Ignis and he must do whatever it takes to protect Noctis from the evil Empire. Joining him is Ravus, the stepbrother of Luna, and these two will fight for who they must protect.

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Let’s start the training my padawan!

To end this post, here are some videos to share. First one is an old video of the trailer of The Last Jedi:

Just like old videos with Gladiolus and Prompto, I made a playlist for Ignis. It’s something silly like the others Lol.


It’s history now!

Friday Funny 138: Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome back to another Friday episode. I hope everyone is doing well in this busy month. As we get ready for Christmas, most of us are shopping, working or studying. For shoppers out there, I hope you guys are saving money and finding the right gifts. Workers, even myself, stay strong until the holidays is over and think of the prize of a big paycheck. Students, you are almost done and you guys will be able to enjoy Christmas break and chug down some egg nog and cookies. For myself in this Christmas season, I am almost finding gifts and now I need to wrap them up and give them away for my peers. In the news in Internet World, sadly I haven’t been following the news much except for that Bandai Namco will be working on another anime video game alongside with Sword Art Online and Seven Deadly Sins, it’s called Black Clover! Also reported from Japan, there’s going to be a PS4 and Nintendo Switch game of My Hero Academia! 2018 is going to be busy with upcoming anime games! Next week, we have Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. This is a sequel to The Force Awakens and we will have many characters involved such as Mark Hamill playing as Luke Skywalker. In video game news, on December 13th, we got Episode Ignis for Final Fantasy XV. This is the last episode DLC of this year.

Now with this short brief stated, let’s quickly get to the weekends!

To end this post, here is some random videos: