My Current Pop Funko collection thus far

You probably seen this in hobby stores or game stores like GameStop, Box Lunch or even Hot Topic. They are called Pop figures and thanks to the company Funko, many characters from video games, cartoons, anime, comics and other pop culture genre have been converted to these bobble head like figures. Some actually are bobble heads while others just have a stiff head. Think of these as the bobble heads from sports like the NFL and NBA, but instead of collecting your favorite athletes, you’re collecting your favorite characters from Marvel, Dragon Ball, Batman or even Rugrats. I will be sharing you my collection and I will give you a brief description about how I got them.

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Friday Funny 142: New Season for 25 cents


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome back to a new episode and season of TGIF Friday Funny! Before we start this episode, I got some new news for you. As we enter 2018, get ready for new stuff like video games and movies! Currently in January, we will be getting some new fighting games: Dragonball FighterZ, Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition and Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. In Dragonball FighterZ, Publisher Bandai Namco of Entertainment and Developer Arc Work Systems will be working together and create a new Dragonball fighting game. It won’t be like Budokai, Tenkaichi nor the Xenoverse and instead, the game will be played like the Guilty Gear series. The animation will be similar to the manga and anime and it will have characters from Z and Super along with a new character named Android 21. In Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, Capcom will re-release Street Fighter V but it will include free updated content such as DLC characters to the recent roster, an arcade mode where you can unlock illustrations and even new V-Triggers for fun combat. If you already have Street Fighter V, the Arcade Edition will be a free download so you don’t have to pay again. If you are like me and didn’t buy the game, you can buy the Arcade Edition instead and the price is about $35. Last but not least we have Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. In this game, players will be able to control their favorite heroes from FF1 to FF15 along with Type-0 and Tactics. The game will be in PS4 and the with the help of Team Ninja, the characters look amazing. Ever want to play as Noctis (FF15) and fight Sephiroth (FF7) or have Cloud (FF7) fight Kefka (FF6)? Now you can!

As random news, January 4th is the day where the Cartoon Network classic Ed, Edd’n Eddy debuted on TV. This is my cartoon growing up and it’s something I would watch everyday besides SpongeBob SquarePants. Ed, Edd’n Eddy first premiered in January 4th, 1999 and now that we are in 2018, this cartoon is 19 years old. The show starred three young boys who’s named both starts with Eds, who creates these devious scams in hopes of robbing kids in order to buy jawbreakers. We have the first Ed named Ed who is the dumbest but happy kid who has bad odor but with great strength; he also loves chickens and eats butter toast with gravy. He is voiced by Matt Hill who surprisingly did voices for anime characters such as Kira Yamoto in Gundam Seed Destiny and Bankotsu in Inuyasha and Mou Ten in Kingdom. Second Ed is Eddward but he nicknamed Double D because his name has two D’s. He is the smartest and clean freak kid who likes to stay organize and creates plans for the group. He wears a hat but no one knows why he wears it and the only people who seen his head is his own friends Ed and Eddy. Double D is voiced by Samuel Vincent who did many voices in cartoons and anime. In anime, he did Dexter from Hamtaro, Sidoh from Death Note, and just like Matt Hill, he was in Gundam Seed Destiny and he voiced Athrun Zala. Last but not least, we have Eddy. Eddy is the leader and the shortest of the group. He is the one comes up with the scams and he is the greediest kid. He constantly brags about having a cool and intimated brother and he wants to be the popular kid in the cul-de-sac. Eddy is voiced by Tony Sampson. He also did anime but unlike the previous two he didn’t do Gundam Seed Destiny and instead, he was in Mobile Suit Gundam Seed as Miguel Aiman and he voiced as Toya Kinomoto in Cardcaptor Sakura.

Sorry for this extensive information, but I love this show and I could go on but I need to start this episode. Here is something to laugh!

To conclude this post, here are some Canadian humor!

Life as many doors Ed boys! See you next time!


Sunshine Blogger Award by Bookishgirl

I am sorry for the delay but I want to thank Bookishgirl for nominating me for this Sunshine Blogger Award. Anyway, I am going to answers her questions and do the usual. After you get done reading, please check out her blog. I believe this is the rules:

  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Copy and paste the Sunshine Blogger logo on your post
  • Answer the questions given
  • nominate 10 people and ask them 10 questions

1.) If you could visit any fictional world where would you visit?

I would like to visit the world of Final Fantasy XV. It would be cool to explore Eos while riding ona Chocobo, meeting Cindy and CId at Hammerhead and explore Altissa and hopefully meet Lunafreya. I love FFXV!

2.) What’s your favorite fictional setting?

I think I would like a combination of a fantasy and future setting. Anime like Sword Art Online and Yu-Gi-Oh! Vrains or even the cartoon Loonatics Unleashed (I think my friend Allie influenced me to love the future more lol) would be awesome. We will have access to advanced technology and have powers.

3.) If you could be any character for a day who would you be?

I would like to Kirito from Sword Art Online. He has amazing gaming skills and it would be cool to feel like a hero.

4.) What’s your favorite thing to do?

I like to play video games. I am a gamer and I like to spend hours on playing through the story or just having a great time being number one.

5.) If you could have any super power what would it be?

I would like to warp like Noctis from Final Fantasy XV. I would like to like to teleport anywhere I go by tossing something at the location.

6.) What’s your favorite food?

I like food but my number one favorite food is pizza.

7.) What are some of your most beloved cartoons? (can also be anime)

Besides anime, I love cartoons. I enjoy the 90s cartoons from Nickelodeon such as Rugrats, Hey Arnold and Ren and Stimpy. I also like Ed, Edd’n Eddy from Cartoon Network.

8.) If you were stranded on an island what would you have to have to keep yourself sane?

I would have my Bible. I need to read something from God’s message.

9.) If you could turn any book or graphic novel into a TV show which would you choose?

If I could turn a book into a TV series, I would make the book Fahrenheit 451 into a series. I think if people learned about the story, we could learn the dangers of censorship and what happens if try to get rid of books. It’s important to read.

10.) What is your favorite thing to do?

I like watching anime. Anime like Dragon Ball, One Piece and anything filled with action is my cup of tea.

10 nominees

  1. Writer’s Visionaries
  2. Otakugirl15
  3. Shoujothoughts
  4. Kawaiipaperpandas
  5. Shay Taree
  6. Ana Regina
  7. Joseph Opoku
  8. Dragonball Shippuden
  9. Quindesbloglife
  10. Dany’s Zebra

10 Questions

  1. Who is your fictional crush? (anime, cartoon, book etc.)
  2. What is your dream vacation?
  3. What is your top 3 favorite songs?
  4. Do you have a catchphrase?
  5. Do you have any bad habits that you wish you can get rid of?
  6. Do you have a movie you regret watching?
  7. If you have a favorite character in any fictional works (anime, manga, cartoons, books or etc.), do you imitate their personality?
  8. What is your favorite season?
  9. What is your hobby besides blogging?
  10. What is your favorite moment in 2017 you experience?

That’s all folks!

Impression: Spider-Man (Cartoon Series 2017) Origins + Episodes 1-2

With Ultimate Spider-Man over and with the popularity of Spider-Man: Homecoming, Disney and Marvel are hoping to continue to the Spider-Man popularity and what better way to light up the fire with a new Spider-Man series replacing the previous show. This new series started in August 19th but in the Disney XD channel in YouTube, along with Marvel, they have uploaded a six-part short episode called “Marvel’s Spider-Man” Origins Short. In this post, I will be talking about Origins and my opinion in the first two episodes of the series.

(I will try not to spoil the episodes)

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