Deck-Building Game Plans for Space Dandy, Tokyo Ghoul, Spice and Wolf and Strike Witches

It’s a been announced that Seven Seas Entertainment and Ninja Division Publication are collaborating on game company under the name Shinobi 7. Shinobi 7 will be creating tabletop games based on anime, manga and other pop culture brands. It’s also been announced that this fall, they will release a game called Space Dandy Galactic Deck-Building Game. Not the game itself but the game is from the anime Space Dandy. It is described here:

The game contains over two hundred cards, forty star tokens, player boards, and a full-color rulebook. Space Dandy Galactic Deck-Building Game will be available in retail stores Q4, 2016, and will list at $49.99.

Besides Space Dandy, other anime titles will be getting games too such as Tokyo Ghoul, Strike Witches and Spice and Wolf. These titled games will most likely be release on 2017. Here is what it is described for these games thus far:

  • Tokyo Ghoul, a deck-building game, adapted from the hit anime franchise about an alternate reality where monstrous ghouls and humans coexist.
  • Strike Witches, a miniature-based board game, adapted from the anime of the same name, that pits a team of flying girls with advanced weaponry in dogfights against an invading alien force.
  • Spice and Wolf, an economy-based board game, about traveling merchants peddling their wares, based on the hit anime franchise of the same name.

So what do you guys think? Is there any titles you think should be made into a game? Comment down below.


6 thoughts on “Deck-Building Game Plans for Space Dandy, Tokyo Ghoul, Spice and Wolf and Strike Witches

  1. I remember having a Sailor Moon board game. I was so sad when it got wet. 😦 Still also have cards from the CCG though.

    The Seven Deadly Sins would be fun as a game since everyone is overpowered. Level 100 in that game would be like level 1 in other games.

    • Really? That’s awesome to hear that they made one for Sailor Moon but also sad that it got ruined :(. If it sells well with these titles, they might add more anime to the list. I haven’t seen The Seven Deadly Sins but I heard it was a good adventure series. 🙂

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