Anime Top 5: Top 5 anime for Team Captain America vs Team Iron Man

Art done by Hiro Mashima

Hello everyone! Today for this post will be a special top 10 anime. This top 10 post will focus on the upcoming Marvel movie Captain America: Civil War. Online, there have been people picking sides on either Captain America and Iron Man. I, for one, chooses Captain America and his team even though it means I have to go against my favorite hero Spider-Man. To those who read the comic books may know what is going to happen but I bet the movie will be different. Who will win this war?

Before I get distracted, I want to share my top 5 anime for both teams on which I think they belong to if they were given the choice to participate in the war. Imagine, Captain America asking for help from the anime world or Iron Man choosing his teams to stop Captain and help cooperate with the government. This list will have the same anime but it will have different people (For example: Goku and his family is on Team Captain and Vegeta and his family is on team Iron Man). Also, there is no particular order. They all just appeared to my head.

5. Naruto – Sasuke (Team Captain America) vs Naruto (Team Iron Man)


I believe Sasuke will pick Captain’s side and Naruto would pick Iron Man. I think Sasuke would mostly be suitable for Captain’s side is that both don’t agree with the high officials. In Civil War, Captain America refuses to cooperate with the government and sign the Superhero Registration Act (a document from federal law that limits a superhero’s powers and ability and have them controlled by the government). Not to mention in the movie, Captain goes out of his way to save his friend Bucky from Iron Man. He is willing to betray his friends for one. Sasuke, however will be willing to leave everything for his goals. Going back to back to his past actions, he left his village for power to kill Itachi and later he wanted to destroy the Five Kages.

Naruto will be on the other side. Naruto, in the manga, teamed with all the shinobi from the nations in the war to save the war from Madara. I can see Naruto teaming up with the government and trying to bring peace on both sides.

4. Bleach – Ichigo (Team Captain America) vs Soul Society (Team Iron Man)

ichigo movie 3soul_society_by_kaledex

I am not sure if Ichigo would do this alone or with friends, but I think he would fit in with Captain’s team. If he had friends, it would mostly be Orihime, Chad, Uryu, Yoruichi, Kisuke, and Ganju. Both Steve and Ichigo have something in common: they both a goal to protect a friend and the only people stopping them are the ones that powerful and they are all follow the laws. Ichigo and his friends were willing to fight to save Rukia from the Soul Society and Steve is willing to do the same, even if it means fighting Tony and the government. Likewise the government, the Soul Society would fit in with Iron Man since they do follow the rules to preserve peace.

3. One Piece – Straw Hat Crew (Team Captain America) vs World Government (Team Iron Man)


The Worlf Government from One Piece will definitely side Iron Man especially if Akainu is now the fleetway admiral. If you thought paying taxes was scary, the World Government will make shake. Already having an army and having devil fruit users, they could try to even capture all the heroes. Opposing them would be the Straw Hat Crew. They are wild bunch and they would not agree to side with the government. Luffy and his friends even fought CP9 to save Robin. If Luffy and his team needs help the got Captain’s side and the alliance from their series.

2. Akame ga kill! – Night Raid (Team Captain America) vs The Jaegers (Iron Man)

akame ga kill teams

Even though they are not considered good guys, Night Raid will however fight corruption. Night Raid may be killers but they won’t hesitate to save friend. Especially when they fought to save Tatsumi from the Capital and Exdeath. The Jaegers, however, are not friendly with those who oppose. The Jaegars are not only powerful with their Imperial Arms but they have the Capital supporting them. Imagine if them teamed up with the Iron Man and the government. This could be a bloody Civil War.

1. Seraph of the End – Yuichiro and his friends (Team Captain) vs the Japanese Imperial Demon Army (Team Iron Man)

seraph of the end 20150929_041204_thumb

Any Seraph of the End fans will know is that Yu, without a doubt, will risk his own life for another friend. Yu in the anime goes through extreme measures to protect his friends in the army and tries to save his vampiric friend (also part of his family) Mika. Along with the friends he made, Yu would pick Captain because they both fight to save a friend. Personally, I feel that the Japanese Imperial Demon Army, would fit in with Iron Man. They seem like the kind of people that would follow the guidelines and will even fight their comrades with brute force. They also try to get in Yu’s way when he is trying to save Mika from vampires without killing him. If you have been reading or watching the anime, they are very strict group with high standards. You wouldn’t to pick a fight against an army.

Well, that is all folks! These are the top 5 anime that popped in my head that I think they would fight in the Marvel’s Civil War. What kind of anime would join the war and which side do you think they would choose? Comment below and thank you for reading.

Captain America: Civil War begins at May 6th, Friday.


40 thoughts on “Anime Top 5: Top 5 anime for Team Captain America vs Team Iron Man

  1. Personally, I’m Team Iron Man, because they have T’Challa! This is a really fun and interesting post! I never would have thought to combine the Marvel Universe and anime like this, but it works!

  2. I just saw Civil War today! ^^ (Its released earlier internationally) And I agree with yu on your choices for Seraph of the End xD xD
    (Did you see what I did there :D)

    Because Capt America and Yuichiro are the kinds that really go to the ends of the earth (literally) for their friends, no matter if everybody else thinks they are wrong. 🙂

    • Oh yeah I remember that the movie is out early. I am from America and the movie is out on Friday. I totally caught that about Seraph of the End. Nice word play. XD 😉
      I just figured Yu and Captain are similar because they both are willing to fight to save another friend. Thank you for your thoughts. I love reading your comments. 🙂

      • Hehe, I knew you’d catch it! Ah, now that its been out for a few days, have you been to watch it? How did you find it?
        Definitely! I think that’s where their similarity lies. Also how they are very focused on what they want without caring about what they ‘should’ do. 🙂 You’re welcome! I like leaving comments on your posts too 😀

      • I saw the movie on Saturday and I love it. Not to start a civil war, but I think this movie beats Batman v Superman easily. Captain America Civil War was the best superhero movie I seen since the Avengers! 🙂
        That’s true. Even when the odds are against them, they still want to proceed to the goals. They follow what they believe is right.
        I also love reading your comments. I like to comment on your blog too. 🙂

      • Hahaha, that word play xD But I really agree with you. In fact, I personally think its the best movie so far in the Avengers series, but then again I also like the previous movies :p
        Yay! 🙂 I am glad ^^

      • Thanks XD. To be honest, I thought the previous Avenger movies were great too. I am sucker for heroes working together like the first movie and Age of Ultron haha.

  3. A VERY creative take on the team battle! Myself, I’d place Mink and the rest of those misfit fighters in Dragon Half into this battle and just divvy them up for sides!

    Have not read the comic so I have no idea as to why these superheroes are all so divided and prepared to fight one another as they’d be much better as a team and fighting evil together.The trailers look amazing and it just hits you with so much suspense …want to see it and I guess figure out just why they are fighting this way ^^.

    • Thank you and that’s a interesting choice you made. I never thought Dragon Half and the characters would join the war :).
      I looked into the comics a bit but the government wants to limit the superheroes powers and make them obey to them. Captain America disapproves but Iron Man opposes him. The trailers look great and I am ready for the movie ^^!
      I want to know how it ends.

      • I am looking forward to movie ^^. Also, your welcome. Glad to help you. Ask any questions if you have any. It wouldn’t make sense to make them fight without a cause.

  4. Very interesting post! I’m definitely on Team America, too! The only anime I can think of at the moment that would take part in the war is maybe Yona and the dragons of Yona of the Dawn. Two of the four dragons had been locked up by their own tribes for fear of their powers or fear of others discovering their powers. So I think they would sympathize with Cpt America’s team. They would have a lot to learn in the way of technologically advanced weapons though! 🙂

  5. Very interesting post Matt 🙂 I feel bad for not reading any of your stuff for ages but finally have time to read things lately my friend, I have not seen this movie yet but was a fun read 🙂

    • It’s okay Lita, I understand :). I thank you for visiting my site. I will also do the same for too. I am sorry for not doing the same as you. I will try to visit often. I seen Civil War and I love it.

      • I know that feeling :). Don’t worry, we are not going any where, you got time to visit when you have the time. I wish I can multiply myself and visit and comment your blog daily lol.

  6. Oh no. I’m so sorry. I find that I can’t relate. Of course I’m aware of Captain America & Iron Man, but I just can’t relate to these comparisons. -____- Sorry, Matt. I’m so confused. But thanks for submitting this post for the Fujinsei Blog Carnival.

    . . . .just goes on to say how I’m limited to just anime. . . . . . . . . . sigh. . . . . . . . .

      • Matthew! I think I can finally relate. I just watched the film this weekend. I slept for a big part of it , though. Not because I was bored but because I was suffering from the medication I took. It made me groggy and sleepy. Couldn’t help myself. But at least I was able to wake up and watch the good stuff, the nasty fight scenes between Captain America and Ironman. Ehehehe~ Now I can relate to this post now. . . .just a bit.

      • Glad to hear that you seen the movie :). Sorry to hear that you were from the medicines. I hate it when a medicine makes you drowsy. When making this post, I tried to find anime that had similar situations. It was kinda hard to make it. It was sheer randomness XD.

      • Yes, my siblings begged me so I took them to the movie theatre. Unfortunately, I had an allergic reaction so I had to take my medication. But I felt sorry for my siblings so I decided to tough it out and still go with them. I ended up sleeping in the theatre though. But I did wake up before the movie ended, so it’s still good. I remembered this post while watching the film so yeah, I returned to tell you that I finally understand.

      • At least your siblings and you enjoyed the film. Sorry to hear about your allergies. I thank you for coming back and commenting this post. I like hearing your opinions :).

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