Unexpected news! Sword Art Online Phantom Bullet digital manga free?!

Okay this is what happened. I was relaxing in my room after a day from class and I decided to browse through Google Play . I decided to check on books and went to the manga genre. I don’t usually buy manga from Google Play but I usually check anyway. While browsing, I saw that the manga “Sword Art Online: Phantom Bullet” is free.Here is a screenshot I took just now:

SAO store screenshot

Skeptic, I decided to check on other sites such as Barnes and Noble, Amazon and even iTunes. Both of these sites say that this manga is free. I decided to get it for my tablet on my nook account. After it got done, I have the manga in my collection. I am not sure how long is this going to last or when it started but it happened. If you wish to get it, now it’s the time. Here is the links:

Barnes and Noble



Google Play


28 thoughts on “Unexpected news! Sword Art Online Phantom Bullet digital manga free?!

      • I am a SAO fan and I immediately downloaded it haha. I am still surprised that it happened unexpectedly. What’s also weird that at Rightstuf, not only Vertical books are on sale but video game themed series are also on sale too. Coincidence?

      • That could be it. I forgot about that. I didn’t know about Fire Emblem Fates but Pokemon definitely. This could be used to bring in gaming hype. You would think Pokemon or Fire Emblem would be affected by the sales or discounts but it’s on SAO.

  1. Still loving this anime series although I haven’t read the original manga just yet. Wouldn’t it be amazing if Square Enix were to team up and produce a full length CG frenzy of a movie in the vein of what they did for FFVII Advent Children…. dreaming I know but one can still dream =).

    • I love Advent Children ^o^. I bet it will be cool if Sword Art Online was CGI. I am glad that you are liking the series. If you don’t know, they are planning to make a Sword Art Online movie. Spread the world and jump into the virtual world 🙂

  2. Maybe this is the start. Soon, the game itself and the NerverGear will also be free. We will be chosen as the beta testers and…. I think you know what will happen next lol.

  3. I want to download the digital manga of Sword Art Online: Phantom Bullet, but it says that it isn’t available in my country. NOOOOO!!!!!!!

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