Attack on Titan: No Regrets OVA included in new volumes

It has been announced from Kodansha Comics that on April, special edition of Attack on Titan volume 18 will include will include the OVA “No Regrets”, a spinoff OVA about Levi and the No Regrets manga. It will be in English subbed and the price will be $19.99 and volume 19 will be released at August. Volume 18 will have a special cover designed by Cameron Stewart (Batgirl, Catwoman) ONLY for Special Edition.


10 thoughts on “Attack on Titan: No Regrets OVA included in new volumes

    • Me too. I agree Takuto, I wish FUNimation would Dub the OVAs. I like Levi’s English voice. However, I guess I should be happy that we are getting them here in the West. This makes me want to start buying the books now XD.

      • My thoughts exactly. I met Mathew Mercer at a convention last year . . . let’s just say that my bias now targets Levi even more! And yeah, I have a feeling I’ll be unexpectedly picking up on a manga series *hint hint* whether I want to or not :/

      • Wow that is awesome. You met Matthew Mercer. I heard him in some English Dub anime but I think he is best for doing Levi. Attack on Titan is on my list of manga I need to start my collection but unfortunately, I keep getting distracted on others lol.

      • Yes. It was awesome. He was awesome. His role as Levi was awesome. Levi is awesome. And how I know that feeling! It’s ridiculously hard for me to keep up with everything that’s happening, especially considering that there are so many cool series I would like to start, like Attack on Titan 🙂

      • OMGssssss the community better not spoiler the events of the second season, otherwise I’ll be pissed!! Cause you see, I wasn’t blogging nor really involved with the anime community when I watched the first season, but lately, I’ve been running into spoilers on every simulcast, every season! What must I do to keep up with the community yet avoid these trolls?!

      • I feel you… Try looking up an anime and it mentions *anime title character deaths* and you haven’t seen it yet -_-. Once Attack on Titan season 2 is released, try to avoid forums or episode review my friend. I am so glad that I lived under a rock in the first season of Attack on Titan.

      • I see what you did there. I guess I was more like protected from the walls until something broke through it. Get ready for the return of Attack on Titan or SnK hype.

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