Hi everyone! I was meaning to put this on December 4 but I got preoccupied. Now that I got some free time, I can share this to everyone.

I have reached a total of 1,337 likes and it was all thanks to you guys!

Thank you everyone. You are all awesome 🙂

I started this blog in last year April and now I am here in December 2015. Once again, thank you for supporting me on this long voyage. If only WordPress did not remove the trophy system >_<

The Lion King Quote


21 thoughts on “1337 Likes!

  1. Good for you!

    I have had nearly 80,000 views but maybe a couple of hundred “Likes.” I guess that tells me something …Good thing there is not a “DisLike” button on WP!

    Like, “I like Ike …”

    : )

  2. Thank you, I meant Dwight D. “IKE” Eisenhower by the way.A little historical humor there.

    Actually, I look at my stats and most of my views are for photos I posted, kimono photos and the like. Not as many are reading the articles.

    My tip for more views: Make sure you have a sexy photo of Haruna Kojima in any given post. Right up any kind article, … I dunno, something about “recycling aluminum cans” or such. Make sure the top of the post has a photo of Kojima in her underwear, preferably holding a related item.
    Then sit back and count thousands of views, you have become a journalist my friend!
    : )

    • Haha thanks for the tip. I noticed at your site you posts pictures of kimonos. That is pretty neat. I guess if I want more views, I should add pictures to attract potential viewers.

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