Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix Synthesis list link

Are you playing Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix from 2.5 HD Remix collection and you are having trouble finding items? Do you need help finding those irritating items to create the Ultima Weapon? I may have the solution to help find what you are looking for. Here are some tips I think you should know:

  • Unlike the previous KHII, there are more enemies to fight and they can be quite tricky to face.
    • Cavern of Remembrance for example, this area is accessible in the Radiant Gardens world later in the story. However, once you are in this place, the Heartless and Nobodies are stronger than the ones faced before.
    • This area is also huge so you might get lost. Some area require your growth abilities like glide, and slide.
  • Some items can unlocked after fighting the Data versions of the Organization XIII members.

If you happen to conquer these foes, you will gain some rare materials. Here is a link to the list, I did not create this and the credit goes to this person who made it.

Don’t forget to equip “Lucky Lucky”!


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