Slender Man as an inspiration?

On Saturday morning in Wisconsin, three 12-year old girls decided to play an innocent game of hide and go seek at a park. Two girls attacked the third girl by stabbing her 19 times all over her body, one did the stabbing and the other held her down. Fortunately the victim is in good condition and the two girls are convicted for first degree homicide.

What was the purpose? Strangely enough, the two girls wanted to use meet a fictional meme character named “Slender Man”. Slender Man is described as a tall man with no face, long limbs, wearing a suit, and black tentacles. It is well popular in the internet and even has it’s own game called “Slender”, a survival game where the player must find 8 pages in a dark forest before getting captured by the Slender Man. Back to the topic, the girls became interested after reading about him from a website called Creepypasta Wiki, a website where people can read dark and scary folk stories. The girls planned this out on Friday and they wanted to kill her on Saturday as way to meet this fictional character in the woods. In my opinion, I find this really disturbing to hear because these girls can not tell the difference between what is real and fake.

Image  Slender Man


One thought on “Slender Man as an inspiration?

  1. Yup… no doubt this is sickening and unbelievable. To think that these girls, only TWELVE years old, were so desperate to meet Slender Man and to be like him that they would attempt to KILL a friend is beyond words. I am in no way saying that I think video games contribute to youth violence, because I honestly don’t; instead, I think that some youth are way too influenced by the idea of fictional characters and stories that they are willing to act out what they see, or, like in this case, kill someone to “reach” their fictional idol. Yikes. When I heard that Slender Man was the reason behind the attempted murder, I sort of laughed out loud, in disgust… I would never expect a 12 year old child to ever even have such horrible thoughts that lead to such tragedy… such WELL PLANNED OUT tragedy, at that. =/

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