Corruption in Vatican

According to this article, The U.N. Committee on the Rights of the Child accused the Vatican, a church in Rome, of abusing the the system by committing sexual assaults on children and keeping everything a secret. After reading this article I am quite disgusted to hear that a church is supposed to be a home where anyone can feel welcome and safe while worshiping is now becoming a hideout where sick, twisted people can fulfill their lust desires by targeting children. I am also not surprised to hear this because in the past I mostly hear stories like this in Catholic churches in the United States. All I can say is this, stay on guard and being silent is not always the best answer.


2 thoughts on “Corruption in Vatican

  1. Do you think that there is anything that we can do about this? Besides gaining recognition for it? Should there be laws where children and priests can’t be along or have personal connections? Do you think that would help? Or would these laws be ignored as well?

  2. In my opinion, if there must be any interaction with the child and priest, the parents or legal guardian should also be involved. At least this way the child would feel more protected when they with their family.

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