the power of mice

Based on some recent published studies from Sunday, scientist are speculating that old people can have their muscles and brains rejuvenated by acquiring young people’s blood implanted in their bodies. The study was actually tested by Clive M. McCay in the 1950s, they first tested this theory my injecting some young blood from mice into the older ones. After a while, the older mouse’s worn out cartilage was refined, they believe that young blood can help awaken old tired tissues.


2 thoughts on “the power of mice

  1. I find this article beneficial for the future.. if we keep this up who knows maybe we can reverse aging? I mean their already trying to do that already. Also, stem cell research has taken a new leap of faith in restoring new health, it amazes me knowing how far we gone in modern medicine that now even older people can feel young again.

  2. It makes me wonder where they are going to be getting the blood if it does work? Would they take it from animals? Could they take it from animals? How would this impact the price of meat? Or would we be forced to make some artificial kind of blood like true blood or something? The future seems like it will be very interesting in regards to this aspect.

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