USA vs N. Korea

According to this article, The UN interviewed 320 people and came to the conclusion that North Korea has committed so many human rights violation and this country is not the same as others. As a way to get back on the US, North Korea started to report on the United States on regards to human rights. They claim that the United States is racist, poor, and the rich, like Obama, is living in luxury while everyone is suffering and in short the United States is a Hell on Earth.


One thought on “USA vs N. Korea

  1. I find this totally interesting. I read the article in its entirety, and I am not the least bit shocked, because North Korea tends to jump the defensive. What was pointed about about them by the United Nations about how they treat their citizens is true. So, they felt the need to retaliate out of anger. The fact that most everything North Korea said about us is true and factual is the only thing that would cause this to get a rise out of people. Otherwise, most people will not care. Why? Because no matter how true it all is, the United States is still a MUCH better place to live than North Korea, by far.

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