The bright side of Commercialization

Looking on a different view of commercialization, McKee points out the benefits of using “dumb” terms on consumers. He describes that “dumbing down” is another term for “making accessible”. For example, if the media used complex details with tons of information, this make consumers confuse and turn away, but if they use short, simplistic terms without the required research needed, then this would persuade people to purchase their product. Not only on products, but this technique also occurs on modern day television programs, where people would rather watch a show involving “ordinary” people instead of experts; shows like “16 and Pregnant” or “Teen Mom” is example of what people find interesting. Overall, I believe that this what is needed for the public sphere, a little more commercialism; we are human beings that prefers simple things and take pleasure on seeing everyday activity involving others. (Mckee p.67)


2 thoughts on “The bright side of Commercialization

  1. Couldn’t agree more. Nobody wants to be surrounded with serious, negative, or scary news constantly. We need a distraction from the everyday reality of harsh the world can be. McKee is right in saying that we as a society find that kind of stuff interesting – for good reason! It may be ridiculous or silly or plain dumb, but it beats being stuck watching and hearing about how cruel the world really can be.

    • Yeah same here, but I also don’t be the one who has been “living under a rock” while things are happening around. It just comes down to the fact we should limit on what we take in. Don’t ignore the these series news, but don’t it consume your life.

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