On the Perils of Feeling Dumb While Reading

According to this news article, Swapna Krishna explains that when most people pick up a book that sounds interesting from people’s opinions, they are left confuse or dissatisfied with the story. Many readers who feel this way believe that they are not smart enough, but according to Krishna perspective, she tells us that the real reason is that people call us dumb because we don’t have enough knowledge to appreciate the book’s content. She gives an example if an English teacher were to read a book about quantum mechanics in a moderate learning level, the teacher would get confused really easy. She also gives an example where she read a book, American Gods, from an author named Neil Gaiman where the story was about mythology. Even though she enjoyed that type of stories, she felt that the book was very appealing even though many people claim that the book was great. In conclusion, she states that even if you have a lot of knowledge in reading, you will still come across a book where it won’t be good and many people will probably criticize your opinions and knowledge.


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