Friday Funny 157: Ash Friday


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome back to another episode of Friday Funny! I hope everyone is doing great this week as week continue to go through this wacky weather in Spring. Lately over here, it either feels like Winter came back for revenge or Spring is just visiting. Before I begin, I got some news going on in the internet world. Today is the official release of Playstation’s popular series, God of War (or the internet calls the new game God of War 2018 or PS4). As someone who has a PS, I love this game and I do feel guilty for not finishing the entire series. I only completed God of War 1, 3 and Chains of Olympus on PSP. In this new game, the story takes place after the events of 3 where Kratos successfully killed off all the gods on Mount Olympus and killed the leader Zeus. Unlike the previous game where the story’s setting is based off from Greek Mythology, the new story is focused on Norse Mythology. I don’t know much about this genre of myth, but if you are familiar with Asgard, Valhalla, Odin or pretty much anything related to Thor from Marvel, get ready to experience this game. Also, unlike like the last game where you hack and slash enemies, you fight as if you have to actually plan your attacks. You’re not alone in this game, Kratos has a son named Atreus who helps you by shooting at enemies with bows and arrows and it’s up to Kratos to protect him and teach him the dangers of the world and the Norse gods. Overall, according to reviews this game is one of the best games for PS4 in story and gameplay. As a side note, it won’t have any micro transactions so that’s a win! (I am adding this game to my wishlist)

Besides that, we have one week until Avengers: Infinity War and things are about to get intense for the superheros as they fight Thanos and the Black Order. I hope you watched all the MCU films because once we start the movie, you better remember the characters and the location of the Infinity Stones.

With this said, let’s begin this Friday, you mortals!

Here are some interesting God of War videos I found interesting. The cause of Kratos’ hate towards Ares and the gods was the death of wife and daughter. As soon as they died, Olympus died. In this new story, Kratos and his son are faced against new challenges.

Here are the remaining MCU films in Phase 3:

Captain America: Civil War

Doctor Strange

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Thor: Ragnarok

Black Panther

The end is near. 7 days left.



Blogger Appreciation Award nominated by Raistlin0903

I want to say thank you Raistlin0903 for nominating me for the Blogger Appreciation Award. I was nominated way back in January, but I forgot about this award and I feel bad. Thankfully, I was able to remember and I will do whatever it takes to finish this post. I recommend following Raistlin0903’s blog if you like movie reviews and anime!

Here is the rules:

(1) Thank the blogger who nominated you, link back to their site.

(2) Write a paragraph of something positive about yourself.

(3) Nominate and notify as many bloggers as you wish.

(4) Use the award image.

Positive about myself?

Just like Raistlin0903, writing something positive about myself is kind of tricky; it’s easier said than done. Is there anything worth talking about that I can say about myself being positive. Well, I can say that even though I can freely chat with anyone and enjoy a good chat, but deep down I am really shy and collective. I am just a normal guy who likes to write about things that piques my interests. I appreciate anyone coming here and saying hi to me and commenting on the things I write. I try to take my time and respond back to anyone who wishes to hear back from me. You guys help make feel special for someone who just loves to write. I guess one of the positive things I have in my life is my supporters, my friends and my family. Everyone has supported me through life. Thank you guys for being with me.


Now we reached the part where I choose who is awesome. There is no limit to how many can I pick. If you feel like writing your own post on the Blogger Appreciation Award, fell free to do so and share with us what is something positive.

Mistress of Yaoi


The Spooky Red Head



Matt Doyle Media Dot Com

Rocco B

Thank you for reading and remember that you guys help made it possible. You guys deserve all the credit.

Toonami News: My Hero Academia joins Toonami!

Announced today on Twitter from Funimation and Toonami, it has been revealed that the insanely popular Shonen Jump anime My Hero Academia will finally be joining Toonami! Confirmed by FUNimation, the company that license the English Dub, My Hero Academia will be on TV on May 5th.

This will be another Shone Jump title joining Toonami. The SJ anime that is currently on Toonami is Black Clover, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusade, Hunter x Hunter, Dragon Ball (Kai Final Chapter and Super), and Naruto Shippuden. If you like My Hero Academia and you like watching it on English Dub, mark your calendars!

Kingdom Hearts III news: Classic games and new detailed Twilight Town

Hello everyone! I got some more gaming news to tell you and it’s from a personal favorite series. I actually saw this from Twitter from someone who is named @RedMakuzawa, someone who loves Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. Also revealed in YouTube from the Kingdom Hearts official channel, Square Enix revealed a detailed version of the iconic Twilight Town along with returning characters Hayner, Pence and Olette in new clothes. We also got some gameplay of some interesting minigames which are inspired by 1980’s LCD games and Disney cartoons (think of it as combing Mr. Game and Watch and vintage Mickey Mouse as a game). Based on the trailer, there is four minigames to play and each one as a goal to winning.

I mentioned this in a old post that Square Enix already revealed that they were going to do minigames based of this by showing us a game called Giantland.

Thank you @RedMakuzawa . Keep us updated on video games. According to the description in Youtube, this trailer was revealed at a panel dedicated to the mobile game Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross]. The fan event is called  KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ[Cross] Dandelion Meeting.

What do you think about these minigames? Kingdom Hearts III will be released for Ps4 and Xbox One and it is unknown what is the release date, but it is likely to come out this year. Twilight Town is well known in the game series and it first appeared in Chains of Memories and playing a huge role in Kingdom Hearts II and 358/2 Days.

Hidden Gifts from my birthday

Remember back in March I mentioned it was my birthday? I don’t know if I gave you the details of my gifts, but I was keeping it secret because I wanted to surprise everyone. I revealed this in Twitter today that I got Netflix. My parents got me a $60 Netflix gift because I always mentioned that I wanted to stream shows and movies without having to deal with ads. Since my sister eggs me on about not watching the Flash, I decided to take this opportunity and start my account.

Also, my friend Allie from Visionaries got me a Pop figure of baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 movie. The picture that was taken was on March 30th. She also got me buttons that represent me. One is about my skills in writing and the other is about my Christian faith. The pins are from the website Graphics and More.

The reason why I didn’t Netflix during or a day after my birthday was because it has been really busy in my personal life such as Easter and spending time with the family. Now that I finally got moving, I will try to stream some shows and movies!

My Hero Academia game is coming to North America!

It is already known that this game is coming to Japan and Europe, but now Bandai Namco just recently released news that the game inspired by the anime My Hero Academia is coming to America.

Revealed in the tweet, a trailer revealed the gameplay of the characters and the battle features such as stage destruction and a sidekick assist combat. However, this game got a name change. According to the trailer, the game is called My Hero One’s Justice. It’s unknown why they decided to remove Academia or it could be an error. In America, this game will be available for PS4, X1, Switch and PC for this year.

Friday Funny 156: Find meme, post it, get ignored… get ignored?


Thank God it’s Friday! Hey everyone, this is Matthew from Matt-in-the-Hat. This is the second week of Friday in April and I hope everyone is doing okay. This weekend will be busy for me because I have plans with the family this weekend, so just in case I don’t respond quickly online, you will know why. Also, if you didn’t know, we already in Spring and this season is the beginning of spring anime such as My Hero Academia season 3, Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online and Tokyo Ghoul:re. As a way to promote the new anime Tokyo Ghoul: re, Viz Media (English manga license company) is having a sale on all Tokyo Ghoul manga in digital format. This includes all 14 volumes of the original manga and the current volumes of TG:re. Originally, in North America, these digital books would cost $8.99, but with this sale, it is now $6.99 and it will stay like this until April 23. If you like the series and you want to read the manga on the go, take advantage of the sale.

Currently, we have 2 weeks until the movie Avengers: Infinity War is released in theaters. You can see people are hype for this movie because it has been planned out for the last 10 years in the MCU world. The first MCU was Iron Man and excluding this one, the recent film was The Black Panther. I hope you are caught up with everything.

Since this is the only news I have, go and look at memes!

To help hype for Infinity War, here is more movie trailers from MCU phase 2!

Iron Man 3

Thor: The Dark World

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Guardians of the Galaxy

Avengers: Age of Ultron


Phase 2 is over. 2 weeks until Doomsday!

[OWLS April Blog Tour] The Lion King 2: African Melody that roars like a Christian Lion

Blog Tour Topic: Melody

In one way, music is form of healing and self-expression. For this month’s topic, we will be exploring some of our favorite musical pieces (anime/drama OSTs, movie soundtracks, music genres and etc.) and how it has impacted our lives and/or reasons why we enjoy listening to it. 

Just in case, there might be spoilers, but I will try to keep it a minimum. Thank you Allie for the idea! Also, make sure you read Lynlynsay’s post about melody at her blog.

Continue reading

Dragon Ball Super video featuring KrisPNatz

I received an email from a YouTuber named KrisPNatz asking if I can feature this video on my blog after finding out the announcement for the Dragon Ball Super movie. If you like this video and Youtuber, go like this video and follow his channel for Dragon Ball content.

I am sorry that I took this long to watch and respond to your video. I hope I didn’t give any hard feelings. Since he likes Dragon Ball Super and I like it, I figured he’s a cool dude and I was right. Pretty funny guy.

In this video, Chris talks about Dragon Ball Super and how much it affected the DB community. He begins with it bys saying some history like after Z, we got content like GT and the fan series AF. Along the way, he points out some interesting topics that Super brought back some memorable characters like Future Trunks, Android 17 and even Frieza. He did critique on the fact that the series’ animation had a rough start especially with the Beerus arc. It’s unknown what the future holds for Dragon Ball since the series is over and we lost to the key voice actress to Bulma, but there is a shed of light in the tunnel. We have the upcoming movie set in December and the Dragon Ball is not official over. More or less, there is always room for more Dragon Ball and if there is more possibilities, Goku and his friends will have more adventures and we can be part of it at home or in a room with our friends, family or self.

Once again, I am sorry for the delay. I hope you like this featured post.

Spider-Man game news: Can’t pre-order for DLC costumes? No Problem!

If you thought the news of the release date for the game Marvel’s Spider-Man was great, it is getting better!

According to the video game site DualShockers, Insomniac Games (creator of Ratchet and Clank, Spider-Man and formerly Spyro the Dragon) commented and revealed that the pre-order DLC for costumes will be in the game even if you can’t pre-order. Meaning, if you are unable to pre-order to get the suits like the Spider-Punk suit, you can still get it by playing the game. Yuri Lowenthal (voice actor of anime characters like Sasuke from Naruto) revealed that he will be voicing Spider-Man regardless to any suit.

The DLC story “The Story That Never Sleeps”; however, will be available as a DLC story individually. People who pre-order the game from Collector’s or Digital Deluxe will be able to play this three chapter story for free. To those who won’t buy the Collector’s Set or Digital Deluxe, you can simply pay for the DLC separate. Currently, there is no news for a season pass or price of the DLC story.